Saturday, May 21, 2011

Matt Kuehl Presents: Climbing Photography Clinic

I am excited to announce the dates of my first educational brain child... a climbing photography clinic! This three-day clinic is designed to transform your climbing photography from butt-shot to cover shot. Geared towards climbers with an interest in photography and the desire to develop the skills and techniques required to capture better shots in the vertical world. This course will begin with the fundamentals of photography, ascending, and rope access inside Adventure Rock and will progress to intermediate and advanced shooting and rigging techniques working outdoors at Devil’s Lake. Participants are required to have their own DSLR, harness, and personal anchor system to attend the clinic. Upon completion of the clinic participants photos will be printed and displayed in Adventure Rock.

Clinic Overview

Day One: Wednesday June 15th 5:30pm-9:30pm

Photography fundamentals are explored. Content includes camera functions, exposure, metering, focus, depth of field, focal length, lighting and digital workflow. Rope access fundamentals will also are explored. Topics include ascending single and double ropes, rappelling with the use of a backup device, and specific positioning on the wall for shooting photos.

Day Two: Wednesday June 22nd 5:30pm-9:30pm
Get ready for an intense and exciting day getting practice shooting while hanging and ascending. Rope access and shooting exercises explored. Gain experience setting up your camera and rope(s) for three separate shooting environments in the gym. Practice ascending with several different set ups and photograph climbers while working together in a team to get the best possible shots. Advanced positioning topics explored such as the use of multiple directional lines, setting up a bosman's chair while hanging, and fighting the spins on overhanging terrain.
Day Three: Sunday June 26th at Devil’s Lake 8am-4pm
Gain the full experience of being a climbing photographer by hiking in, hauling gear, finding the light, dealing with elements and rigging your line. Apply previously learned techniques to make informed decisions on how to deal with the challenges of photographing several different climbs unique to the Devil's Lake environment. Set up anchors (with guidance) and embrace the outdoor specific challenges and topics that will be explored. Climb, ascend, photograph and enjoy the great outdoors on this capstone day.
You can sign up for this clinic at the front desk at Adventure Rock, or give the gym a call at 262.790.6800. There is a limit of 9 participants for so sign up before all the spots are filled!

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