Thursday, October 6, 2011

Guide and Photo Session in Boulder Colorado

Justin lowers off the "Happy Hour Crag" in Boulder Canyon

While we were in Boulder, Andy Hansen and I had an opportunity to put one of our many business ideas into practice for the first time.  Unlike some of our previous business ideas (lawn mowing/hair cuts, lemonade and vodka stand, excellent sandwich making company, and cups for rent) we've actually been thinking more seriously about one.  We've often discussed the idea of combining our two career interests (photography and climbing guide) into one activity and service to be utilized simultaneously.  The perfect scenario being that the clients are interested in being professionally guided by Andy, while their climbing experiences are professionally photographed by yours truly.  This formula has always been on the forefront of our minds, but until recently has gone relatively untested.  

Justin takes a moment to realize that climbing does indeed rule.

Anne works her way up a layback flake.

Anne cruises another granite "Happy Hour" corner.

So as it all works out, some of Andy's guide clients from Wisconsin were looking to make a trip out to Boulder to do some more outdoor climbing.  Coincidentally Andy and I were both planning on being in Boulder during the same time frame.  So after some discussion and planning, arrangements were made for Andy to be an official "Guest Guide" through the Boulder Rock Club. The club would facilitate the day by providing rental gear for the clients, legal coverage, important yet uninteresting stuff, etc.  So the date was set and Andy chose the perfect crag for the job... "Happy Hour Crag" in Boulder Canyon.  We went there to climb a few days prior and climbed most of the moderate routes to get our hands on our first Colorado granite.  It was all fun and easily protected tradition climbs with a great view the whole time. The stage was set...

Justin approaches the next piece to be cleaned on the way up. 

Anne stands up on this balancey ledge. Awesome!

So Andy woke up early to meet the clients at the BRC and head to the crag to get the day started.  I followed shortly after with my camera gear, rope, rack and ascenders to set up my own rig just next to the climbs they would be doing.  When I got there they were all nice and warmed up and loving every minute of it.  I walked up and around to the top of the cliff where I could set up my own line and drop down to begin shooting.  I hung about 50 feet up for an hour at a time and was able to shoot them on two different climbs. Although this day was a perfect opportunity for Andy and I to work together and turn an idea into a reality, the reality was I was still just photographing rock climbing for the joy and challenge it provides me.  I made up a CD with my favorite images from the day to send to Justin and Anne as a great keepsake from their trip out to Boulder, but until Andy and I work together more specifically on our business idea I will remain "unemployed" for this type specific form of climbing photography.  The whole idea is still very exciting to me and I hope that soon we'll be able to make it happen.  Until then I will continue to shoot climbing for the simply reasons that I've known since the first time I picked up a camera.

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John K said...

Sweet guys! Love the idea. Nice work. Keep it going!