Wednesday, August 22, 2012

End of Summer Updates

Snapshot from driving out of Black Velvet Canyon in a big storm.

Happy traveling to everyone out there! I'm back in Vegas again after spending the summer exploring Wyoming, Colorado and Utah.  Now the adventure continues back in Red Rocks.  So far it's been a lot of exploring, some shady climbing, and completing Epinephrine 5.9 IV all the way to the top!  Lots of exciting cracks have also been spotted through the binoculars but perhaps they're just mirages.  The van has been taken on an official Safari though Black Velvet Canyon and survived the storm, river, and road.  That was intense! But on another note, here are some recent media tidbits that I contributed to.  Keep an eye out for this stuff!

Jason is Trango's new cover boy, at least for a while.
Route: Chrysler Crack 5.9

Beta photo I took of Ginger Buttress / Unimpeachable Groping 5.10+ in Sept issue of Climbing.
(not the cool photo of Tommy Caldwell)

Some photos in a write up on Pamela on about her newest route.
Simiantics V9 (pictured here)

Me climbing two Devil's Lake classics in the WI/MN Book... Photos: Sarah Brengosz
Routes: Upper Diagonal 5.9, Flake Route 5.10d

This blog now linked to on the offwidth climbing site Widefetish... Thanks Russ!
Also have a good amount of personal climbing photos posted here too.

Make sure to check out the October issue for more goodies from Red Rocks!

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