Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Some People Around

As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been shooting out on the streets of downtown Milwaukee recently. I initially started this idea by contemplating if was photography as an aggressive act, and what it is like to be photographed. What does it mean to be under surveillance, and how does it feel? I soon concluded that the act of taking a photograph is very aggressive, and generally not well received. I have come to learn that people fear the camera's disapproval, and will not want to be photographed unless thay are allowed to control some aspect of the image, which is usually their chosen appearance by means of a gesture, pose, or even a smile. People are afraid of being exposed by the camera, perhaps I am too. While photographing people at bus stops, I also realized that people are not happy while waiting, especially if you are taking their picture. I also observed that people tended to stay to themselves, and rarely engaged in conversations with each other, or allowed their bodies to become physically close during the wait. Most people choose to occupy themselves with cell phones, cigarettes, or music, while the others read, sat down, or awkwardly fidgeted with their pockets or purse. I have already started to move beyond the bus stops in search of other interesting looking people, and spent today photographing people in the rain, and found many new discoveries, as well as some improvised rain gear. I plan on continuing to expand on this idea, and will continue to shoot on the streets. This will be an on going addition to my blog, as well as the Modern World series below. (Note: I added two more photos to my previous post)

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