Monday, October 12, 2009

Travel Time: Milwaukee to Lexington and Slade

Zak belaying at the Motherload

The crew getting ready to climb, pumped after not crashing on the steep, wet, potholed drive into the Motherload

Using the wagon to the fullest, enjoying the outside between rain storms at camp.

Complements of the Waffle House

Table filled with food

Not driving, just staying dry.

Lexington, KY

The rain was pretty relentless, it never really stopped during the eight or nine hour drive from Milwaukee to Lexington. We left Wisconsin around 8pm, and started crossing state lines quickly; for once the traffic in Chicago didn't really slow us down. The wet conditions were very tolerable at the beginning of the journey, but it got worse further into the night and the next day. We arrived in Lexington around 5am and had reservations at a friend's place for the night. I was allowed the couch because I drove all night, and the others fell asleep shortly, sprawled out on the wood floors nearby. We all woke up around the same time the next morning, around 11:30 or whenever it was Zak felt it was necessary to talk loudly. We sat around, half in our sleeping bags and still half asleep. The rain had stopped, and although it was very overcast we were excited to go find a dry crag to climb at. I was the only one who brought food, so this morning we decided to go to an IHOP, but settled for a Waffle House. It was a nice slow start to the day, and we all wanted coffee before driving an hour into the Red River Gorge in Slade. Immediately after getting into the car again, the rain started back up. Driving was inherently reckless, and visibility was very poor because of all the water from the road. We drove until the storm front ended, and it was an amazing feeling for the rain to be switched off and the sun to be out. Unfortunately, this window of weather really only allowed us time to set up the tent, and then we were forced back into the car to stay out of the rain. Climbing wasn't an option, the rock far to wet and dangerous to scale, and the risk of rock breaking not worth the consequences. Our first day was mostly spent getting adjusted to conditions while cutting our loses and drinking Wild Turkey to help pass the time. Although not all of these images are from the first day, these will provide for a nice introduction to the photos which will be posted soon.

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