Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hittin' the Road Again

After some last minute planning (frantic searching for people to cover my weekend shifts) I am now free to leave Wisconsin, and am heading straight to Kentucky. I got my one remaining shift covered today, and must thank Dave, Dustin, Alicia, and Lara for keeping my job(s) fun, as well as being flexible and willing to pick up the slack in such short notice. I anticipate this will be my last major opportunity to photograph rock climbing in Kentucky before spring, although I would not be surprised if something else came up between then and now. I have made some improvements upon my rigging this time around, and am bringing two ascenders (instead of one) as well as fewer lenses and no tri-pod. I am also building a belay seat, which will help comfort my ass while hanging in the air for consecutive hours. Besides comfort, the belay seat will look, and act, very much like a swing. It is made from one rectangular piece of (found) wood with holes drilled in the corners and some climbing cordalette to suspend it. I was thinking about improvising some sort of padding for the wood, potentially a towel or old shirt cut up... I think the seat will work great, although it is a little more weight to haul. If it totally sucks it will make good firewood anyway...
This will be my second trip down with Zak, and my first with Dan. We are planning on leaving at midnight Friday and arriving around 10 am Saturday, just enough time to get some quick breakfast and start the day. The weather looks good for the weekend, and I hope it stays unusually warm. If anyone else will be in the Red this weekend and wants to meet up, just call/email me.

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