Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Photo Contest Voting

I have recently entered a photo contest through Adventure Rock Climbing Gym. This is the second year they have hosted the contest, and this years winners will be compiled into a calender, which I can only imagine will be on sale at the gym. My submissions this year are all from my most recent trip to the Red, and I am happy to submit them. To help determine the winners, vote for your favorites HERE. I have uploaded some more images from that trip in this post as well. It has been very refreshing to spend so much time thinking about these images. I have also started to work on some "final" prints of a few of these, and they are great to see large, although some are unable to be enlarged much because of cropping . Look for those prints at MIAD if you're around, I will be rotating the prints hanging as I work on them.

Unknown Climber at The Motherload, RRG

Emily Harrington on "White Man's Overbite" 5.13c
The Motherload, RRG.

Zak Romuald on "8 Ball" 5.12d, The Motherload, RRG.

Andy Hansen on the 5.11 warm up wall at The Motherload, RRG.

Andy Miers taking it slow on "8 Ball" 5.12d
The Motherload, RRG.

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