Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Time Lapse Teaser

Last week I photographed artist Andrew Azad working on a large stencil/spray paint installation at the Cream City Skatepark near Milwaukee. The painting was done over a two day period and is created with four colors. The stencil pattern itself is basic in design, but grows in complexity when several layers are added in with multiple colors. As the work grew and the pattern multiplied it gained a unique intensity that at times was overwhelming and I found it hard to look away. I found the process, as well as the final piece to be very entrancing and ornate.

I set out to photograph a time lapse series of the entire piece being created, so I could later compile the images into a high-speed installation video. I quickly found myself following Andrew's step by step processes and way of working with the paint and stencils. Before I knew it my own self assigned photo time lapse project had become entirely entrancing within itself. So it is there in the skatepark that I stood with a camera held to my face, anxiously awaiting the next step to occur and for the next element of the pattern to reveal itself.

The time lapse series is nearing its complete after processing a few hundred images and figuring out a way to make them act like a video. With a little trial and error I was soon able to create a "rough draft" of what I imagined the series to be presented. Together Andrew Azad, Justin Reinders, and myself will be compiling efforts for the final video piece which will intergrade photography, video and music. I'm suer excited about this project and will be posting the video as soon as it is all said and done.

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