Friday, January 7, 2011

A Second Look

Recently I've been taking a look through a lot of my photos from climbing in the Red River Gorge over the last few years. I've been hoping to better organize them, as well as being able take a second look for goodies I may have previously overlooked. It's great to look through all the (barely) old images from the two trips there in the fall of 2009 when I really committed to going on my first "photo trips" instead of just climbing. I am finding a lot of exciting shots that seemed to slip past me at the time, but not anymore!

I am also working on starting a small collection of images to submit to Ray Ellington for the next edition of the Red River Gorge Guidebook, whenever it may come out. Along with this process I have been submitting images to websites such as and to share with the general climbing community for feedback and beta photos. So far the reception has been good, but it is an on going process in which I hope will yield some good feedback and future opportunities. So next time you're looking through climbing photos online to get psyched while ignoring the fact that you're at work, I hope you can daydream while looking at a few of mine.


Tony said...

do you ever submit photos to the magazines?

Matt Kuehl said...

Tony I will be submitting photos from ice climbing this winter and hope to have new rock climbing images as soon as spring hits. I haven't seriously considered submitting any older images but maybe I should.