Sunday, January 30, 2011

Quick on The Draw Preview

Alex Nimmer sticks the jump start to Men's Open finals.

The last week in January is quickly coming to an end and that means I've been busy busy busy! The 12th annual Quick on The Draw climbing competition at Adventure Rock climbing was last night and I spent the better portion of my week helping to prepare routes for the gym's largest competition of the year. Beyond route setting and gym preparation I also was working on making my mustache as manly and prominent as possible in consideration of this year's mustache theme. Luckily for me this meant realizing a life-long dream of sporting a mustache worth noticing. This also brought some additional fun in the month of "Manuary" when the boys and men of Adventure Rock decided to go to Stag barbershop in Bay view to get our stache's tamed and/or enhanced before the big event. But with little distraction, let the teaser photos continue...

Women's Open Finals

All the finals routes were a big success, take note of the mustache holds made custom by Figure Four Climbing Holds.

Lindsey Gram cool, calm and collected on the Women's Advanced final route.
Heel hooks a plenty!

Loved seeing people get on this boulder problem!

A completely packed house as usual.

But wait! There's more!

Check back soon for complete photo posts on Quick on The Draw 2011
and the events that lead up to it.... I will also be updating my Flickr photostream
with all of the photos as soon as the editing and selection is complete.


RachelEatsAvocados said...

dang, matt! some sick photos there! wowsa! i had no idea AR could achieve that level of coolness on camera!

Matt Kuehl said...

Thanks! The lighting is always "unique" in the gym, but in this case it worked out for the best! Switching between a few different angles really helped to spice things up too. I'm hoping to have my edits done by tonight so check back soon for a link to the entire series.

Andy said...

Did you do some additional vignetting on the photo of Lindsey or is your lens just that boss?

Matt Kuehl said...

No addition vignetting needed. The lighting and my vantage point combined is what added a wonderful fall off around 3 edges of the frame. The lens is boss, but like most L lenses causes little to no natural vignetting.