Monday, January 31, 2011

Time Lapse Project: Cream City Stencil

Cream City Stencil from Justin Reinders on Vimeo.

After a month or so of collaborative editing with Justin Reinders and Andrew
Azad, the time lapse project is now complete! A while back I had the opportunity to
document friend and fellow artist Andrew Azad's installation stencil piece at Cream
City Skatepark in Butler, Wisconsin. The painting came together over two days and
could be pieced together with around 300 photographs, and approximately 3 hours of
video. The editing for this project was far more intensive than we could have imagined,
and compiling such a large amount of photos and video into a shortened version was a
time consuming task to say the least. Seeing this come together from a blank wall to a
completed painting, video, and integrated and skate-able part of the skatepark is really
exciting and well worth the time we put into it. I am sure we will be working together
again in the near future, and I'm looking forward to what future collaborative projects
will bring!


dane haman said...

ive been calling that the snake wall. its super slick, i wish there were more patterns like that in the park instead of the graf murals. and of course, its fun to wallride on.

Matt Kuehl said...

it is the snake wall man, and i think you need to be a snake charmer to not get thrown off by the intense pattern. Glad its gettin' skated!