Saturday, February 12, 2011

Photo Restoration Project

Out of the blue I was asked to restore an old and aged print for a friend of mine through the climbing gym. The photo was shot by her husband many years ago and it is one of her personal favorite images. The print itself was significantly aged and had very faded colors as well as being physically damaged. I was excited to work on this project because I could tell how much the photo meant to her. For this same reason I was nervous to take the project on because its not my "expertise" and I really wanted to succeed in restoring it. I've been pulling out all the stops in hopes of getting the restored photo to look as close to new as possible. So after many hours of starring at the screen I am excited to say that this project is almost complete and looking really great. With permission from the owner I might do a side-by-side comparison blog post of the before and after images later on.

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