Thursday, April 7, 2011

Andy Hansen: Climber, Linguist, and Part-Time Model

Andy Hansen surfs the flake on "Headstone Surfer" 5.10a
Funk Rock City, RRG, KY.

Above the flake and into the dihedral of "Headstone Surfer"

Doing his best piranha impression on "Hardcore Jollies" 5.12a
Funk Rock City, RRG, KY

Working out the beta before his first 5.12a send of "Surpress the Rage"
Sunnyside, RRG, KY.

Fighting the pump on "Twinkie" 5.12a
Phantasia Wall, RRG, KY.

Recollecting his thoughts after the whipper. To boink or not to boink...

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