Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring Fever and Site Updates

Ideal spring weather is just around the corner and I couldn't be more excited for the conditions the rejuvenating spring weather will bring. Lately it has been a lot of rain and sleet coming down, but I am confident the wet conditions will drastically transform the great outdoors into a simply refreshing place to once again explore. I am especially looking forward to the one year anniversary of an unexpectedly profound moment from my life last year which I can best describe as "48 Hours Free". Since another year has passed I am proud to say I am becoming more in touch with the natural flora and fauna of Wisconsin, and I am quite eager to continue searching for new sprouting plants and fungi in the warmer months to come. In stride with the new growth of spring, I am also planning on expanding some of the content of my blog to cover more than just climbing and photography. I feel that I've been updating less recently do to some potential repetition in my "blogged" content. I'm still going to be embracing my main passions directly in the blog, but I'm also hoping to focus on some of the lesser known experiences in my life that are equally important to me in the big picture.

One of my newest and most eclectic pursuits is a video and music project in which I document myself in the process of making improvised music with a bass and loop pedal. All the shots are live and one-take only (just like the music). I've been finding there are many challenges to overcome before a "final" video will make its way online to be viewed in full. Regardless the process is constantly exciting and ever evolving. For this project I am using two different cameras simultaneously to document the action, one camera being my DSLR and the other being the built in camera in my Mac. The two couldn't be any more different to use, but I welcome the opportunity to try and integrate them. The entire process is based on improvisation which is something I have found essential to my understanding of the ever changing world around me that I willingly participate in.

Also, some of my photos will be featured on the new Figure Four Climbing Hold's website. I was excited to load the page for the first time and see one of my shots from Quick on the Draw right away. I am glad the shoots have a home there, and although the photo is neat I think most people are far more interested in those huge mustache holds! They're still getting the website up and running, but everyone should check out all the different shapes because they are truly fun to climb on. I have also updated my own website with some new rock climbing photos and will be adding to the freelance section in the near future. So while its still a little cold and rainy outside don't feel bad surfing the web for a little longer to check out the updates. But once it's nice out you better join me outside!

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