Friday, April 26, 2013

Everyday Adventure: Photo Post

Climbing everywhere!

Over the last four months I have been doing a good amount of exploring, climbing, and spontaneous adventuring.  Indian Creek, Salt Lake City, Joshua Tree, Gunnison, Zion... Most of this time I have been soaking up the experiences and absorbing as much as I can without taking too much time to share on the good ol' blog.  Instead my time reflecting has been on long drives, between belays, over beers, before bed, and spacing out in my natural peaceful state. I could write an intense blog post about it all, but honestly, I think that would detract from the big picture.  I wanted to explore and live life so thats what I've been trying to do.  Here are some photos from along the way... Credit to Andy Hansen and Ryan Strong for shooting some of the awesome shots from Zion.  


My van broke down in Gunnison Utah on the way home from Salt Lake City.

I attempted to aid solo the Rainbow Wall via bicycle in a two day effort.

Home Sweet Home in the canyons.

Discovered some cool street art while biking. 

Offwidthing hungover and almost barfed but didn't. Woohoo!

Will Stanhope came by and freesoloed Yin and Yang. 

A hummingbird flew inside the house to say Hello. 

Adam and I went to Joshua Tree and did some wide bouldering.

My van broke down in Gunnison again after being "fixed". 

Andy came to visit and we visited the monster offwidth. 

Dave and got on Desert Gold.

I discovered grumpy cat and laughed for days.

Built up a new bike then went thrifting. 

The good ol' boys join forces for some climbing shenanigans.
Top of Shune's Buttress 5.11+ in Zion.

A3 hook practice at Keyhole Canyon.  Both my hooks ripped shortly after this photo, radness!

Megamahedral 5.11 climbs the left corner system on the Minotaur tower.

Zion river crossing after climbing Megamahedral.

Inspecta-nut hangin' in Zion. Ain't no thang. 

Hanging belay on Shune's Buttress in Zion.

Andy gave me an "on belay" hug.

Belay party on Shune's Buttress.  Way higher and less comfortable than it looks!

High above the canyon floor about to top out Shune's.
Take note of the double long bus for scale.

Ryan and I keeping things real. 


McKenzi Taylor said...

This is such a great post! I love following your work and your adventures. Very inspiring!

Matt Kuehl said...

Thanks Mckenzi! Glad you enjoyed it. Sometimes the photos are better without my ramblings. Have you had any time to shoot some more climbing images recently?