Monday, September 14, 2009

Glue of the World

Today I was finally available to go back to the studio and pick up a roll of 120 Color Negative I shot with the Mamiya RB67 almost two weeks ago. I was especially excited to see portraits of my old roommate Jason, who recently moved to California, and some shots from playing bike polo on a rained out court, and even playing once again in the old garage! Turns out my worst fear had come true, and there was absolutely no information on the negative strip, must have loaded the film wrong... But I must move on, after all what was I doing shooting polo on that beast without slave flashes anyway? On the other hand, I've been focusing my energy to photographing polo digitally, rather than taking my thursday night off to play, I've been snapping away for as many games until the light runs out. I've been getting some alright shots, but because of late classes, I run out of natural light far to quickly, perhaps I'll talk to Jessica or Dane about using their pocket wizards sometime.
I also biked over to Estabrook park Sunday to check out the skatepark there that Dane was shooting at. It was a little late in the evening when I got there (work and school steal all the good lighting!) but still enough light to use, but found myself using a flash simply to stop motion and provide some fill on the backlit scene. The skaters there had an all day cookout/skate session that also functioned as a fundraiser for more wood to build ramps with. They had built a fire to burn off some of the old wood (I'm assuming) and end of the night with a grand finale. It was very entertaining and the energy was pretty high, there is more to be seen from both activities, and it looks like I've got more places to keep me busy for a while.

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