Sunday, December 6, 2009

The Red In November: Post Two

Dan Apostoli on "Chainsaw Massacre" 5.12a
The Motherload, RRG

Zak Romuald on "Chainsaw Massacre" 5.12a
The Motherload, RRG

Craig on "Hot for Teacher" 5.12c
The Motherload, RRG

Zak Romuald on "Mid Life Crisis" 5.11c
Indy Wall, RRG

Eddie Avallone having second thoughts,
nah, just gettin' warmed up...
"Triple Sec" 5.12c/d The Sanctuary, RRG

Robin Maslowski on "Ale-8-1" 5.12b
The Motherload, RRG

Its officially crunch time for me as I approach my last week of my last fall semester at MIAD. I spent a large amount of time writing a three part narrative about traveling around the United States, and found great joy in the challenge of this extensive creative writing. My interest in writing seems to be growing exponentially, and Jack Kerouac's "On the Road" has provided me with some additional inspiration. I also have recently started an improvised form of journalling, and spent my Friday night running around a local Milwaukee venue taking notes on anything and everything going on as the dance music blared. I knew it would be an interesting process, but had no idea how exciting and entertaining the writings would actually turn out to be. I learned a lot from my surroundings though the seemingly silly observations that would have otherwise been forgotten without the small green spiral pad. I typed it up the next day it came out to be around five pages of genuine stream-of-consciousness observational thought. I now carry this notepad with me everywhere, and write about all sorts of nonsensical assessments. I am uncertain how I will apply this process into my photography, and am not yet sure if the writings hold value outside of my own interests. I will just have to keep writing and see.
I am also posting more climbing photographs from the Red, and hope that people are enjoying the new images still. (I think I will do a non-climbing post next to spice it up) Tuesday at school will be my "final critique" of the rock climbing images from this semester, and I have made eight 24x31 inch prints to showcase what I consider to be the best eight images from the two trips. I displayed three of them all last week and got a lot of positive feedback from the series. On another note, I hope to have my website up and running within two months, and will keep everyone updated on that. Cheers!
(All photographs ©Matt Kuehl)

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Ian Reineking said...

Nice pics buddy. I like the ones on chainsaw, i will have to get on that next time. You should send me those notes, I would be interested in reading that. My email is That was a solid idea and added a very unique vibe to the evening.