Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Red in November: Post One

Eddie Avallone coming down off "The Madness" 5.13c
The Motherload, RRG

Lindsay Reareon styling the classic "Fuzzy Undercling" 5.11b
Military, RRG

Zak Romuald hitting the India feature on "Tissue Tiger" 5.12b
Military, RRG

Gitta Lubke on "Convicted" 5.13a
The Motherload, RRG

Dan Apostoli having a "Mid Life Crisis" 5.11c
Indy Wall, RRG

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! I hope everyone has recovered from their food induced coma gracefully, what a week! I've been working hard on editing all the photos from the trip, and I still have a lot of work ahead of me. Also, if you would like to see these photos somewhere offline, this upcoming week three prints will be featured on the work in progress wall at MIAD, and I am excited to hang them together as well as get some reactions from the work. Also, one of my photos was chosen for the Adventure Rock photo contest winners, and is now on display in the gym, although it was not printed by me. I will be short with the writing today, but will have more in upcoming post... more to come soon.


Jason said...

Nice, Matt! I REALLY like the Eddie silhouette. The scale and the pos/neg space make it more than just a climbing photo.
Keep it up

Andrew said...

Matt, these look really nice man. I'm looking forward to seeing more of this!I'm thinking about goin down there in December or January... what do you think? I suppose asking you via "comments" on your blog isn't the most appropriate space to do this, so I'll talk to you when I see you. Anyways, awesome photos. Wasn't Zak cold without a shirt?

Matt Kuehl said...

Thanks for taking a look! There certainly will be more up soon. I often don't notice comments, but am making a point to see feedback, but you can always send me a message or email. It would be very possible to go down sometime between Dec-14th and Jan 17th... All we gotta do is get a decent amount of climbers, otherwise it will be less successful. And yes, I think Zak was probably cold, but the temps were very tolerable if you were moving.