Friday, April 2, 2010

Show Preparation

The last two weeks have brought monumental progress towards my thesis exhibition and I am absolutely excited to share the photographs to such a large group of friends, family, classmates and art enthusiasts from the area. Over the last two weeks I completed my final prints, sent out promo postcards, created an awesome WEBSITE, framed and matted the photos, and started laying out the space for hanging. Every step of the process so far has been a new challenge, but each with their unique rewards and benefits. Framing was unusually exciting for me, I think partially because I rarely frame my photographs, but also because I got to see the final pieces come together right before me.

It was a challenge to frame photos of this scale, and I am glad my instructor Al Balinsky was there to walk me through the process, and provide a helping hand all around (its pretty nerve-racking to move and flip the large thin sheets of glass over during the farming process.) I needed a lot of space to work in, so we modified one of the darkrooms into a makeshift framing area, complete with a big clean table in the middle, a bright light for looking for imperfections, and plenty of easy access shelves to hold all the framing materials like the mat board and glass. I am glad to say the photos are matted and framed with archival museum quality materials which will ensure the photos lifespan is maximized.

My spot in the fourth floor gallery space is coming together, and I brought the finished pieces up there to visualize the final presentation and to see how they fit into my assigned space. Everything seemed to fit well, and the taller wall I requested is going to house the large prints well, so long as the top part is extended a little bit more on the left side to make it the full width. Now I am laying out where I want my nameplate (upper right) as well as the shelf to hold business cards and take-away postcards, which I think will be on the left side in the remaining space before the artist's work next to me. I am also still deciding if I want to include an artist statement or a small informative bio about my work and potential direction. I plan to engage in many conversations with viewers at the opening and hope the work stimulates lots of discussion. I am hoping that I will be able to have a moment to talk personally with everyone who shows interests in the work, but I understand that I won't always be by the work, so am considering the use of text as well.

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