Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Adventure Skunks

Andy Reger pulls off a pretty sweet little solo FA action.

Now officially back into the full swing of things here in Vegas means lots of work, climbing, and intriguing binocular findings out in Red Rocks. So far Andy, Jason, and I have checked out a lot of obscure areas that house a few less mentioned routes and a lot of unknown territory.  Most of these areas are tucked away far from other routes and always provide us with an excellent adventure and an exciting hike.  I think we all have something different envisioned for what route we might like to find out there, but I mostly look for clean cut cracks of wide nature.  This area is stacked with amazing features, cracks, and even unclimbed walls if you're willing to do the hike and pack in an increasing amount of ropes and equipment.  To me this is what this area is most unique for and I think we really enjoy embracing this adventure.  On our last climbing day we stumbled upon a great looking chimney that was long and clean cut.  A few moments after Jason and I walked past it we looked back and found Andy mid-chimney casually working upwards towards the top.  I think his eagerness to climb this pitch and also ability to embrace the unknown really sums up our climbing mentalities lately.  Nice solo Andy!

Jason Molina on the first version of our approach pitch.

We've found a few intriguing routes that we will soon be paying a weekly visit to. This will be our rock homage where we celebrate all aspects of adventure climbing by bushwhacking, walking into cactus' with sandals, and sometimes even do a little climbing! It's really a good time if you're into that sorta thing.  As of now I don't have much information to reveal but it goes without saying that I'm psyched to "stay after it" with many attempts and failures in the near future.  Because at the end of the day weather you win or lose you've always got that amazing Red Rock view... Now to the summit!

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