Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Trophy Crack

Click above to watch the video of me on Trophy Crack. 

While paging through the new Southern Nevada Bouldering guidebook recently I couldn't help but notice a photo of an awesome looking splitter crack problem.  With a little investigation I located the climb in the Sandstone Quarry area of Red Rock Canyon.  The crack is about 12-15 feet tall and goes from about 2 1/2 inches to 5 inches in width. The crack is also cut very clean with no face holds to help you along the way.  This splitter crack problem is a great way to practice crack climbing technique and it especially caters to those looking to learn some offwidth techniques.  This problem can be done in several different ways (probably) but the "kick-through" method seemed to be the easiest way for me to climb it.  Enjoy the videos and hope it's not too much beta spray!

Click above to watch my explanation of this climb.

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Patrick said...

Awesome Matt!!!!

Keep crushing the Wideness!!!!!